Tandy School of Computer Science

TU’s Tandy School of Computer Science strives to equip our graduates with the knowledge and expertise required for making significant contributions to computer science and the information technology industry and for leveraging learned techniques toward continued professional growth. Our faculty specializes in distributed systems, cloud computing, software engineering, gaming and simulation, bioinformatics, computer security and information assurance, cyber physical systems, intelligent agents, machine learning, robotics and other areas of today’s computing and information technology landscape. Our students complete a core computer science curriculum and complementary engineering courses while participating in thriving multi-disciplinary research initiatives involving collaborators in other TU colleges as well as external research labs and institutions.

The NSA has recognized the Tandy School of Computer Science as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations, in Information Assurance Education and in Information Assurance Research.

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Graduates enjoy exciting career opportunities in bioinformatics, software engineering, cloud computing, databases, game development, machine learning and intelligent systems, mobile applications, security and forensics, systems analysis and networking.

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