Department of Mathematics

Our mathematic programs prepare graduates to meet the demands of a modern global society where sophisticated, quantitative skills are required to solve challenging programs in science, engineering, business, education and government. Mathematicians are essential to the fields of computer science, engineering, bioinformatics, data mining, computer animation, medial imaging, finance and economics, epidemiology and ecology and climatology. Our curriculum emphasizes theory and application of mathematics while applying modern tools of communication, modeling and computation necessary for interdisciplinary problem solving and research.

Our faculty who specialize in applied analysis, numerical analysis and mathematical statistics, serve as close mentors to students who excel not only in the classroom but in national competitions. Many of our students choose to pair their mathematics plan of study with another major. In recent years, they have enjoyed notable success, winning Goldwater Scholarships, National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowships and membership invitations in Phi Beta Kappa.

Mathematics graduates are in high demand among many fields including pharmaceuticals, financial services, internet security and bioinformatics. Our alumni advance to successful careers in finance, energy, software design, aerospace, medicine and medical research as well as academic careers in K-12 schools, colleges and universities. Applied mathematicians and computational scientists work in industry, business and government in statistician and scientific programming roles.

Tulsa Math Teachers’ Circle
Hosted by the Department of Mathematics, the Tulsa Math Teachers’ Circle is an organization dedicated to increasing student achievement by enhancing problem-solving skills and encouraging mathematical discovery. Learn more …

Tulsa Girls’ Math Circle
Established in 2014, this math circle is open to middle school girls interested in problem solving and mathematics who enjoy sharing their math enthusiasm with peers. Learn more …

Conner Wurth

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