Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering provides students with an education based on mathematics and science that seeks to develop creativity, analytical abilities, disciplined reasoning, communication skills, advanced technology knowledge and sound ethics. We work closely with students to prepare them for competitive careers in a global marketplace. In small class settings, theory and practice are applied to laboratory and design projects. Our curriculum and interactive approach to learning enables students to improve their experimental skills and appreciate the role of theory and analyses in product design and development.

Advisory Board
The mechanical engineering department is supported by an advisory board that includes some of the industry’s leading professionals. Learn more …

Make a Difference Engineering (MADE at TU)
Since the 1970s, TU mechanical engineering students have focused their talents on projects that address the special needs of local residents with physical and developmental disabilities. Learn more …

Our mechanical engineering graduates specialize in the design and development of mechanical and thermal equipment such as tools, engines and machines. Alumni work in the manufacturing, research and development, and government industries.

Student and Professional Organizations
Mechanical engineers are encouraged to participate in several professional organizations for career development, peer support and job networking. View the list of industry affiliations.

Steve Tipton

Tipton honored by ASME

Steven Tipton, Frank W. Murphy Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering, has received the Fellow Award...

pipeline repairs

Keller and McLaury receive grant for pipeline research

TU Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Michael Keller has won two competitive research awards from the...