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Program Objectives

Bachelor of Science

Students who complete the undergraduate program will:

  1. Be equipped to enter and complete graduate training in the geosciences.
  2. Be prepared to enter the geosciences profession.
  3. Apply knowledge in the geosciences, support sciences, and mathematics to solve complex geosciences problems.
  4. Communicate effectively with peers and professionals both orally and in written form.
  5. Adhere to accepted ethical and professional practice standards in the geosciences community.
  6. Recognize the need to engage in life-long learning.
  7. Understand contemporary issues in the geosciences.

Master of Science in Geosciences

  1. Develop advanced content knowledge and technical skills in geosciences.
  2. Ability to develop, recognize and test hypothesis in specific areas of Earth Sciences.
  3. Effective communication of research.
  4. Develop testable research goals and implement experimental tests.

Master of Science in Geophysics

  1. Develop advanced knowledge in geophysical techniques.
  2. Develop advanced problem solving skills in geophysics.
  3. Professional Achievement.

Doctor of Philosophy in Geosciences

  1. Ability to develop proposal for unique and original research in geosciences based on critical evaluation and command of scientific literature.
  2. Ability to communicate complex scientific information to a technical audience, as well as to a general audience.
  3. Ability to conduct meaningful original research and solve complex problems.