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Mechanical Engineering Graduate Programs

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is focused on teaching students how to apply knowledge and experience to establish professional careers in a global marketplace and pursue advanced studies along with continued professional development.

Mechanical engineers have played a central role in the technological development of Western civilization by creating and improving a wide variety of machines and systems used by industry and the general public. These professionals combine theory and practice to design and fabricate mechanical and thermal equipment such as tools, engines and machines.

Faculty help students investigate the advanced principles and applications of mechanical engineering for graduate school preparation, careers in academia or industry jobs. These program enhance students’ professional skills through a deeper understanding of mechanical engineering principles and applications.

Degree Programs

Mechanical Engineering, M.E.

Designed for students who plan to work in industry immediately following graduation, focuses more on training and hands on engineering practices rather than research and preparation for a doctoral degree. Thesis not required, students must complete nine more credit hours than the master of science in mechanical engineering program.

Mechanical Engineering, M.S.E.

Intended to develop and improve students’ professional skills through coursework and design projects. Requires a thesis and offers greater opportunity for independent investigation and creative research.

Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D.

TU’s doctoral degree in mechanical engineering provides students with a thorough understanding of the scientific and engineering principles underlying their specific fields of interest. Students develop the ability to creatively apply these fundamentals to engineering problems while sharpening their research skills.