Amrit Kaphle wins NREL Summer HOPE Fellowship

PhD student Amrit Kaphle wins NREL Summer HOPE Fellowship

University of Tulsa physics doctoral student Amrit Kaphle has received the HOPE Summer Fellowship to conduct research at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado.

Amrit KaphleThe Hands-On PV (photovoltaic) Experience (HOPE) Fellowship is a highly competitive research program that selects 13 graduate students nationwide to attend an intense two-week summer research session at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The fellowship offers broad experience in the study of novel solar cells, allowing participants to work closely with NREL PV scientists, technicians and engineers while fostering collaboration between their universities and the laboratory.

Kaphle is a fifth-year Ph.D. degree student from Nepal who currently is studying the fabrication of novel solar cells. He is a recipient of the TU Bellwether Fellowship and has published four peer-reviewed journal articles and a book chapter. He also has presented at regional, national and international conferences. Kaphle contributes research to the Oklahoma Photovoltaic Research Institute while completing his dissertation under the guidance of Associate Professor of Physics Parameswar Hari. He plans to take solar cells developed at TU to the NREL this summer for further study to complement his dissertation focus.

“I’m excited to receive this fellowship and work at NREL,” he said. “I am interested in gaining experience with other new characterization techniques and learning fabrication of other types of solar cells such as Silicon, Perovskites and CdTe.”

The NREL experience will enhance Kaphle’s skill and understanding of the photovoltaic technology field and benefit his research at TU.

“I hope the practical hands-on experience I gain from interacting with NREL scientists and graduate students from other universities will be very valuable for my future research as an independent scientist,” he said.