TU partners with eLynx to advance artificial lift

TU partners with eLynx Technologies to advance artificial lift

Partnership with The University of Tulsa Artificial Lift Projects will lead to a smarter oil field

Artificial lift will be pushed to new heights with the recent partnership between eLynx Technologies and The University of Tulsa. eLynx will bring an enormous cache of operational data to the partnership from its more than 16 years of experience monitoring over 37,000 wells in all the major U.S. basins. The data will be analyzed and algorithms will be created to help predict future production patterns.

(Left) Dr. Holden Zhang and Stephen Jackson

“Fortunately, our hometown university happens to be one of the best oil and gas research facilities in the world when it comes to oil and gas production, artificial lift and creating a smart oil field,” said eLynx President and CEO and TU trustee Stephen Jackson. “We have a vast amount of very good data and we want to put it to work for us with the help of Dr. Holden Zhang, director of TU Artificial Lift Projects (TUALP), and his team.”

eLynx’s partnership sets the stage for a long-standing relationship with the university’s innovative research program to help identify, test, and develop optimization strategies and collect a unique understanding of the data produced. As a member of the consortium, eLynx will have access to its vast experience and knowledge, including an industry-leading modeling program.

“We already provide the best models for oil and gas production design and operation optimizations, but with eLynx we will be able to access a wealth of field data to enhance the models and develop methodologies for potential problem diagnosis,” said Zhang, who also serves as a professor of petroleum engineering at TU. “Utilizing remote well surveillance can provide detailed information about production trends. The sooner we can identify a potential problem, the better production rate and efficiency we can achieve, which will change the practice as we know it.”

eLynx has contracted with Zhang as a consultant, tapping into his immense wealth of knowledge and significant respect within the industry, as he is widely revered as a leader in artificial lift development.

About TUALP:
TUALP is a leading research consortium in developing artificial lift technologies. The overall research directions are guided collectively by the advisory board, consisting of member representatives, and the costs are shared by all participating companies. Since TUALP’s inception in 1983, the team has completed projects on hydraulic jet pumping, gas-lift, gas allocation, sucker-rod pumping, electric submersible pump performances and other topics. All of the technical reports, together with data and supporting computer programs, are available to members. For more information about TUALP and other university research, visit https://utulsa.edu/research/.

About eLynx Technologies:
eLynx Technologies is a forward-thinking data insights and analytics company and is a leader in remote monitoring and field automation services to the oil and gas industry. Since 2000, eLynx has provided real-time data collection, production reporting, and remote monitoring and control for its more than four hundred exploration and production clients. Their web-based and mobile software delivers data to help clients optimize production, develop efficiencies, and reduce operational cost. Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, eLynx has support offices throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, North Dakota, and West Virginia, covering all major basins in North America. For more information, visit www.elynxtech.com.