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TU Artificial Lift Projects (TUALP)

Founded in May 1983 by Dr. Zelimir Schmidt, the TU Artificial Lift Projects (TUALP) is a cooperative industry-university consortium to conduct research on artificial lift technologies and strategies for petroleum production. Our primary objective is to provide our members with experimental results and theoretical analyses on the performances of various artificial lift methods, and useful tools for artificial lift applications and production optimization. Through different research projects, our graduate students are also equipped with up-to-date technical knowledge and skills so they can be productive in research and development or technical service position.

TUALP is a leading research consortium in developing artificial lift technologies. The overall research directions are guided collectively by the Advisory Board consisting of member representatives, and the costs are shared by all participating companies. The deliverables include:

  • Research theses, dissertations, reports, and subroutines
  • Semiannual Advisory Board Meetings
  • Access to short courses taught by TUALP personnel at a reduced rate, and
  • Opportunities to conduct tailored research at TUALP facilities at a reduced rate

Since TUALP’s inception in 1983, we have completed projects on hydraulic jet pumping, gas-lift, gas allocation, sucker-rod pumping, electric submersible pump (ESP) performances, and other topics. All of the technical reports, together with data and supporting computer programs, are available to members.

View the Letter of Agreement.

If you are interested in joining TUALP, please contact:
Dr. Holden Zhang, Director of TUALP
800 South Tucker Drive, Tulsa, OK 74104, USA