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ChE students benefit from Russell support

Chemical engineering senior Robert Beltran is looking forward to graduating this spring, an accomplishment he said would not have been possible without the generosity of energy entrepreneur Thomas Russell (BS ’57) and a thoughtful scholarship endowment.

Russell and his wife, Pam, are long-time, devoted contributors to TU’s chemical engineering department, which was recently renamed the Russell School of Chemical Engineering. Their substantial gifts to engineering initiatives and Keplinger Hall are among the many helpful endowments that support students like Beltran. The senior has received the Thomas Russell Co. Provost Scholarship for the past three years.

“This scholarship definitely helps financially because I’m able to support my family while going to school full time,” Beltran said. “On campus, I’m allowed more leeway to work less and study more, which has helped me keep my grades up and continue learning and preparing for my future in the industry.”

Beltran expects to graduate with a refining option and minor in chemistry — areas of specialty that are beneficial in his current process engineering internship. Although his immediate plans involve working full time in the oil and gas industry, he hopes to eventually return to school for an MBA. As he prepares to establish his chemical engineering career, Beltran said the Russell assistance is a highlight of his TU experience.

“I’m very grateful to the Russell family. I could not have made it past my freshman year financially without its support, and my scholarship has become a point of pride,” he said.