Today’s renaissance of biochemistry is enhanced by the growing need for a mechanistic understanding of biological processes in academia, industry and medicine. In response to a rising demand for individuals with extensive biochemical training, TU’s graduate option provides students with detailed knowledge of basic principles in biochemistry.

We stress the applications of their curriculum in a stimulating laboratory environment along with the critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in their chosen endeavors. Students regularly interact with chemists and material scientists, creating research collaborations across traditional boundaries. Graduates gain a unique perspective on fundamental biological problems and contribute to scientific progress and society.

Program Objectives

Master of Science in Biochemistry

  1. Focus on coursework and independent research supervised by a faculty advisor (thesis option).
  2. Develop a working knowledge of basic biochemical principles, an understanding of their application in the laboratory, and the critical thinking skills needed to succeed in their field.
  3. Develop and implement an independent research project in the biochemical sciences that is expected to generate novel results contributing to their field.
Degree Options

Biochemistry, Thesis Option, M.S.

Strongly recommended for those planning to pursue graduate study at the Ph.D. level and for those intending to pursue research-oriented employment.

Biochemistry, Non-Thesis Option, M.S.

Provides students with a stronger foundation in chemistry for professional schools or personal knowledge.

Biochemistry, M.S. (Accelerated Master’s)

Highly motivated students to accelerate their education and start logging hours towards a master’s degree while still completing the TU undergraduate degree.

Application Requirements

To be considered for graduate admission, the following items must be submitted to the Graduate School:

  • A completed Graduate School application
  • Statement of Purpose (admission essay)
  • 2 letters of recommendation from individuals who can comment on your academic potential
  • Official or unofficial transcripts from all universities attended
  • GRE General Test results
  • $55 application fee
  • International students who studied at a university outside of the U.S. will also need to submit TOEFL or IELTS results