Chevron support benefits SPE student chapter

Chevron support benefits SPE student chapter

TU’s PetroBowl team defeated 27 other North American teams in March to win first place in the 2016 PetroBowl North American Regional competition. The team advances to the international contest Sept. 26 at the Society of Petroleum Engineers Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) in Dubai.

SPE grad dinner
Members of the SPE TU student chapter celebrate their graduation

The PetroBowl features four-member student teams challenging each other in a quiz style trivia game. Questions focus on technical aspects, history, current events, industry statistics and calculations. In April, TU’s SPE student chapter hosted its first internal PetroBowl competition on campus. The contest was sponsored by Chevron.

Led by Ali Moshiri (BS ’76), President of Africa and Latin America Exploration & Production Co., Chevron also supports other events hosted by the Society of Petroleum Engineering TU student chapter. SPE activities throughout the year include the SPE Student Summit and ATCE, trips to PetroBowl competitions, field visits, networking events and technical presentations. With Chevron’s assistance, TU’s more than 500 SPE student members also have contributed to the Tulsa community through the PetroPros program where students teach science labs to middle school children in at-risk schools.

“The support Chevron provides helps to ensure we can continue to host many of our most important activities that develop our members’ technical and professional abilities, knowledge and hands-on experience,” said Tomas Fernandez, petroleum engineering senior and SPE student chapter president.