Program Curriculum


The MS in Cyber Security Professional Track is designed to accommodate the needs and schedules of working professionals. The program offers two distinct three credit hour course delivery formats. In the 100% online format, students view course content on their own schedules, complemented by regular, instructor-led discussion sections via synchronous video conference. Students acquire hands-on skills by participating in labs administered through remote virtual machines.

A complementary online plus one-week immersive format has been designed to give students the option of intense, hands-on in-person learning experiences. Students spend one week on-campus for 35 hours of concentrated education, plus time for networking with fellow students and faculty. Immersive courses are designed to engender greater cohesion between students and instructors. Students are given assignments/projects/video instruction to undertake for five weeks before and after the on-campus visit to maximize the benefit of the one-week immersion. Note that the immersive courses are optional electives. Students can also choose to complete the program by taking online courses exclusively.


Cyber Security Core (12 hours)

CYPR 7153 Foundations of Cyber Security

CYPR 7373 System Security and Cryptography

CYPR 7223 Network Security Concepts and Applications

CYPR 7173 Defensive Cyber Security Technologies

Cyber Security Electives (9 hours)

Electives (9 hours)

Up to 9 additional hours of Cyber Security Electives

CS 6/7XX1-3 (including up to 6 hours of non-CS credit, subject to approval)

CS 7911-3 Master’s Report

CS 7981-6 Research and Thesis

For more information on particular courses, please see the Course Descriptions.