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Faculty in the Tandy School of Computer Science engages in a wide range of research and scholarly activity. Undergraduate and graduate students work closely with faculty in state-of-the-art laboratories to produce, publish and patent novel solutions to the pressing problems in multiple fields within computer science and information technology. For more information, please visit the sites listed and contact the site director.

Software Engineering and Architecture Team
Director: Rose Gamble,

Applied Research Center for Cloud of Things
Director: Rose Gamble,
Associate Director: John Hale,

Institute for Information Security (iSec)
Director: Mauricio Papa,

Cyclonic Valve Enterprise Security Lab
Director: John Hale,

Security Engineering Lab
Director: John Hale,

Computational Neuroscience and Adaptive Systems Lab (CNAS)
Director: Roger Mailler,

Critical Infrastructure Protection Lab
Director: Mauricio Papa,

Insilico Research Group
Director: Brett McKinney,

The Institute of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Director: John Hale,

Multi-Agent Systems Research (MASTERS) Group
Director: Sandip Sen,