TU-Team8 Partnership - College of Engineering & Natural Sciences

TU-Team8 Cyber Fellows

In partnership with Team8 – the leading foundry investing in and building cyber companies

Problem-solvers with a holistic approach and global network 

With offices in Tel Aviv, Israel and New York City, Team8 is a global venture creation firm that specializes in identifying the world’s biggest problems and bringing together experts and entrepreneurs to build companies that solve them.

  • Identifies, trains, and recruits world-class R&D talent
  • Catalyzes ideas from inception to scale through robust company building platform
  • Trusted advisors to Fortune 500 boards of directors and executive leadership teams on cyber and technology issues

Team8 is connected to a close network of researchers, partners and customers who are world-leading corporate decision makers, while being supported by global powerhouses such as Microsoft, Walmart, AT&T and Cisco. Team8 has created and launched several cyber companies from the ground up, including a military-grade cyber technology consulting firm and an IOT/IT/OT Security platform used by customers across 20 different countries.

The venture group is interested in supporting PhD students as the cornerstone of their economic development activity in deep tech, cyber AI and solutions for enterprise companies. Team8 seeks to invest in solutions and students that result from this program.