Students win national CyberSEED competition in connecticut

Students win national cybersecurity competition

The University of Tulsa has won first place in the CSI CyberSEED Capture the Flag Competition at the University of Connecticut. Students from TU’s Tandy School of Computer Science defeated 49 other teams from across the country on Oct. 10, completing a two-day series of cybersecurity challenges in one day.

CyberSEED competitionThe Capture the Flag Challenge is an interactive competition of players in a virtual network environment that, over time, is subjected to multiple attacks. Team members must conduct defensive and offensive tactics to identify, recognize and isolate sources of network attacks to capture flags. The challenge also involves infecting specific targets with malware.

TU team members included graduate students Gavin Bauer and Kyle Cook, senior Michael Frohlich and junior Thomas Shaw.

The competition is hosted by the Comcast Center of Excellence for Security Innovation at UConn. Top information security professionals and business leaders converge at the CyberSEED conference each year to discuss emerging cybersecurity trends.

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