Drone demonstration hosted for English Institute students

ECE Department hosts drone demonstration for English Institute students

In November, University of Tulsa Professor Kaveh Ashenayi, Applied Associate Professor Douglas Jussaume and a group of seniors in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering hosted a robotics and drone demonstration for students of TU’s English Institute. Approximately 50 students visited the electrical and computer engineering workshop and hanger in Mabee Gymnasium where students work on drone and robot research projects.

drone demonstrationStudents maneuvered autonomous robots, created in the seniors’ design class, around obstacles in Mabee Gym. “I think the robotics demonstration was an incredible display,” said English Institute student Howell Wang.

drone demonstrationThe seniors devoted more than 800 hours of work to each of the robots and were very proud to show them off. “We have spent so much time on them and they’re almost like little pets to us now! It’s really exciting to get to show everyone what we’ve been able to create in such a short amount of time,” said electrical engineering senior Jennifer Fox.

drone demonstrationElectrical engineering faculty and students hope sharing the projects with English Institute students will increase interest in the exciting work ongoing in TU’s electrical and computer engineering department.