Food chemistry course to explore European cuisine

Food chemistry course to explore European cuisine

University of Tulsa chemistry instructor Keith Symcox is introducing a study abroad element to his food chemistry course that will debut summer 2018. A Culinary Exploration of Chemistry will explore the different cuisines of Spain, France and Italy and study the chemical methods used to create regional flavors. Students will visit local markets and food-related museums and landmarks to understand how people apply the resources of their region to cooking techniques.

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The course runs from late May to early June, beginning with three days on the TU campus followed by 16 days in Europe. Students will experiment with food and learn about the science involved. The class will feature cooking classes with regional chefs, farmers market excursions, tours of the Roquefort Caves and Jamon Experience Museum and visits to Saint Affrique and La Boqueria Markets.

“The idea is that I will teach them the chemistry that is going on while they are actually cooking the food,” Symcox said.

While Symcox acknowledges not everyone is interested in sciences, he said food is something that relates to everyone.

“What better way to teach chemistry than to eat our way across Europe?” he said.