Undergraduate research encouraged among freshmen at The University of Tulsa

Freshmen encouraged to conduct undergraduate research

undergraduate researchSenior Teja Makkapati is preparing to graduate from The University of Tulsa with a degree in chemistry that has been highlighted by undergraduate research. A busy student who also is earning minors in history, psychology and biology, Makkapati’s foray into research began the summer before her freshman year; and since then, she has collaborated with several departments across campus notably working with TU Department of Chemistry Chairman Dale Teeters on a nanotechnology project related to artificial muscles. Research has opened the door to many opportunities for her at TU, including seeing her name published in prestigious research journals such as Solid State Ionics and attending the American Chemical Society annual meeting as early as her freshman year.

“Seeing what other people do research-wise, I realized a lot of other people don’t really know what they’re doing with their posters,” Makkapati said. “They may have some sort of contribution, but the hands-on aspect of what they’re doing is pretty small. It’s completely different here at TU where I did my own research, made everything and looked at everything with multi-million dollar instruments on my own.”