A look at geosciences by senior Sarah Jackson - Engineering & Natural Sciences

A look at geosciences by senior Sarah Jackson

Sarah Jackson, a senior geosciences student
Sarah Jackson, a senior geosciences student

What I am doing in research projects

During my time at TU so far, I have participated in undergraduate research through the Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge summer program, as well as in research through this school year. The IPGP project I am currently in uses machine learning for earthquake detections (e.g., depths, distances and directions) in Oklahoma. I didn’t think I was capable of handling such an involved project due to my limited experience with programming, but thanks to the support of my project members, I have been making progress and getting significant results. It has taught me many new things and greatly increased my confidence in programming, which is such a vital skill for solving real-world problems in geoscience.



Sarah Jackson, a senior geosciences student
A novel wgcna-geosphere triangulation using R.
Sarah Jackson's research graphic
Three-component seismograms for an Oklahoma earthquake event.


There are also ample scholarship opportunities in Tulsa and Oklahoma. For instance, I received a scholarship from the Tulsa Rock and Mineral Society this past fall. I am attending geology field camp this summer and received multiple field camp grants from the Oklahoma Geoscience Foundation, as well as a field camp scholarship from the Geophysical Society of Tulsa.

In all, I am grateful for the experience I’ve gained through my time in the Geosciences Department and the many opportunities it has afforded me.