Facilities - College of Engineering & Natural Sciences


The Department of Geosciences is housed on the second level (main floor) of TU’s Keplinger Hall. Faculty, students and staff conduct research and complete coursework with state-of-the-art research equipment and facilities including:

  • JEOL Super-Probe
  • Rigaku XRD
  • Gamma spectrometer
  • FTIR
  • EM-31 Conductivity System
  • GPR with 200, 100, 50 MHz antennas
  • SuperSting R1 Resistivity Meter
  • A Spin Resonance Magnetometer
  • Linux Seismic Workstations with a five terabyte network

Our department’s computer facility has licenses and training in:

  • Arc Workstation
  • Petra
  • Petrel
  • Geographics
  • NIH Image
  • Landmark Workstations
  • Seismic Unix
  • Kingdom Suite
  • Comsol Multiphysics
  • Globe Claritas Seismic Processing
  • Hampson-Russel AVO, ELOG, GLI3D, ISMAP, STRATA
  • 3-D Traveltime Tomography
  • 2-D Full Waveform Modeling and Inversion
  • Electrical Resistivity Modeling and Inversion
  • GPR-EKKO VIEW Processing and Visualization