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iSec utilizes a wealth of expertise in information assurance to develop innovative research solutions to existing and emerging information security challenges. By tackling real world issues, the institute is able to educate the industry’s workforce by commercializing and applying those solutions. Partnerships with academic, government and private organizations are powerful vehicles for education and research efforts.


Education is central to all of iSec’s activities. By creating strategic partnerships with academic institutions, iSec has not only developed a rich and diverse curriculum in information assurance, but also disseminated it to colleges and universities across the United States. In addition, academic partnerships at iSec build a focus of scholarly expertise on challenges in information assurance research and spark innovation with meaningful impact.


Conducting research and developing a trained workforce for the U.S. federal government have been at the core of iSec’s mission since its inception. The Institute’s researchers and educators have not wavered from that commitment and continue to find new ways to enhance national security and homeland defense through their activities. Special partnerships with federal, state and local agencies are a powerful way to apply the expertise of iSec faculty on the challenges facing government and its citizens.

Private Sector

iSec is committed to delivering practical solutions to real-world information security problems. Private sector partnerships allow Institute researchers to tackle such problems and implement their solutions for the benefit of partner companies. Students are given the opportunity to gain confidence and sharpen their skills, while faculty enjoy bringing their experiences into the classroom.

In addition, iSec is rapidly developing a successful track record in technology commercialization, catalyzed by its industry partnerships. These companies include:

Avansic Digital Forensics Professionals –
True Digital Security –

For more information about partnering with iSec, call Professor Mauricio Papa at (918) 631-2987.