Larry K. Britt signs MOU to continue technical support

Donor Larry Britt signs MOU to continue technical support

Larry K. Britt has donated laboratory equipment to The University of Tulsa McDougall School of Petroleum Engineering that will advance student research opportunities. Britt signed a memorandum of understanding with TU petroleum engineering faculty members in January to affirm the partnership. Britt has been a long-time supporter and collaborator with TU’s petroleum engineering program and hopes to expand his mentorship and technical support.

Larry K. Britt
Larry Britt (left) with TU petroleum engineering lab technician Jerry Schoeffler

Britt is a consultant at NSI Fracturing LLC in Tulsa and previously served as the fracturing team leader at Amoco’s Technology Center. He specializes in rock mechanics related to hydraulic fracturing of shales and unconventional resources. Britt and his colleagues have vast experience in the placement, stimulation and completion of horizontal well fracturing of shales in North America and locations abroad such as Chilé.

“We’ve become an important cog in the process,” Britt said. “We’ve worked with companies and governments around the world.”

Associate Professor Randy Hazlett said the MOU will encourage expansion of the Britt Rock Mechanics Lab through the integration of research objectives and technical service. Graduate students and Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge (TURC) participants will have an opportunity to apply knowledge and develop skills using the triaxial compression tester, pressure intensifier, and fluid sensitivity and permeability cart donated by Britt.

“This opens up a new area for TU in rock mechanics that we didn’t have before,” Hazlett said. “It’s an important step to have resources in place.”