Donation Station for Little Light House designed by University of Tulsa mechanical engineering students

Students design interactive donation station for Little Light House

University of Tulsa mechanical engineering seniors are designing and constructing a special donation station for Tulsa’s Little Light House. The school provides an educational and therapeutic environment for children with special needs, their families and communities and is completely funded through foundations and grants. The donation station is one of many projects designed, built and delivered to nonprofit organizations through TU’s Make a Difference Engineering initiative.

donation station
Annie Sohmer and Gracyn Covert

TU students were asked to design a donation device to be displayed in the Little Light House lobby and at its annual garden party, galas and other school fundraising events. The wooden and acrylic box offers a fun and interactive way to encourage people to give to the school.

“The dollar bill slot in the front will have a motion sensor so when people put a bill or check in the box, a light on the top will go off as an incentive to donate more,” said team leader Gracyn Covert.

“Projects like these are important to give back to the community and to remind you that engineering is in all aspects of your life, not just the oil and gas industry,” said senior Annie Sohmer. “Engineering can also be used as a humanities project.”

In addition to the box’s fabrication, the student team expressed its creative side with several aesthetic finishes including a model light house.

Donation Station team members include Mohammed Al-Hamdani, Hussein Al-Oqiel, Shihab Al-Rahbi, Ahmed Al-Tougi, Alex Budzyn, Anthony Caves, Gracyn Covert, Yao Lu, Sagem Nguyen and Annie Sohmer.