Facilities - College of Engineering & Natural Sciences


The Department of Physics and Engineering Physics is located on the first floor (lower level) of Keplinger Hall. Our students and faculty continually collaborate with other departments of the University of Tulsa as well as with personnel at national laboratories, research institutions and in industry. The department features the following research facilities:

The Condensed Matter (Dr. Wang) theory group utilizes computer workstations as well as national high-performance computing resources for their computational and theoretical research.

The Condensed Matter Laboratory includes facilities for ultrafast electrical characterization of dielectric materials, spin-coating fabrication of thin-film materials, and ultra-high vacuum rf-magnetron, e-beam sputtering of metals and oxides and X-ray characterization. (Dr. Grigoriev)

The Optical Research Laboratory facilities include a narrow line width YAG-pumped dye and diode-seeded Alexandrite ring lasers, an Argon-ion laser, a variety of single wavelength and tunable diode lasers, cavity ringdown and UV-Vis-NIR fiber optic spectrometers, and a 3-dimensional optical profilometer with integrated reflectometer. (Drs. Holmstrom)

The Semiconductor Characterization Laboratory facilities include a low-field nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, spectrophotometer, a fluorescent spectrometer, a sputter coater as well as capabilities to obtain I-V, transmission, and optical thickness measurements. (Dr. Hari)