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Engineering and Natural Sciences TURC Program


The Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge (TURC) is an exclusive TU program that combines creative research, challenging coursework, student development and community engagement to enhance the TU experience and build scholars of research and society.

TURC is a multi-disciplinary initiative that often involves the collaboration of students from different colleges around campus. The College of Engineering and Natural Sciences is home to many TURC scholars who begin their research careers as early as their freshman year. Our esteemed engineering and natural sciences faculty serve as TURC mentors, advising students in TU’s research laboratories throughout the summer months.

Research is the primary focus of TURC, teaching students how to present papers at conferences, write publishable articles or facilitate meaningful community projects. Participants learn how to apply for nationally competitive awards such as the Goldwater, Marshall, Truman and Rhodes scholarships along with National Science Foundation graduate fellowships.

In addition to research and scholarship, TURC scholars are challenged to serve their local communities through innovative service projects that not only build character within a student, but also improve the lives of local citizens. These compassionate students are allowed to select the project of their choice, and many continue supporting the program after their TURC days have concluded.

TURC is one of the most effective ways to introduce students to original, thought-provoking research projects in the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences. Our faculty enjoy the summer research advising experience and continue mentoring TURC students throughout the year.


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Junior Scholars Program

The TURC Junior Scholars Program recognizes outstanding high school students with opportunities to join TU faculty and TURC scholars in cutting-edge research. An extension of the original TURC model, the initiative includes in-depth work with a research team, access to modern instrumentation and training in the presentation of research findings. Junior scholar participants are bright, competitive high school students who progress to build successful collegiate and professional careers. High school juniors may apply to participate in the program during the summer prior to the senior year.

For more information about TURC or the Junior Scholars Program, please contact the Office of Integrative and Experiential Learning.