TU student awarded Society of Women Engineers scholarship -

TU student awarded Society of Women Engineers scholarship

For over 70 years, the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) has awarded scholarships to exceptional female students in engineering. This year, SWE granted a total of $1,027,850 to 300 students through new and renewed scholarships.

Chemical engineering student Pamela Okaro smiling and wearing an open-collar blue shirt and a black sweater
Pamela Okaro

The University of Tulsa is proud to be the academic home to one of these remarkable individuals. Pamela (Naya) Okaro, the recipient of the Bayer Scholarship, is a senior majoring in chemical engineering. Originally from Houston, Okaro chose to attend TU because of its reputation for high-quality engineering education.

“In addition to the outstanding courses and professors, such as Professor Hema Ramsurn, who is my favorite person at TU, the university has a homey feel and it’s a place where I’ve been able to make real friends,” said Okaro. “I have also been fortunate to have access to scholarships, internships and research and job opportunities.”

Dedication + hard work = success

“I’ve known Naya since she was a freshman,” noted Ramsurn. “Naya is, of course, a great student: she has had so many awards, not only from TU but also from national organizations like the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. But what sets her apart is her personality, her go-getter attitude, her dedication and hard work.

“Naya’s desire to learn has always led her to engage in a number of activities, whether they are internships or doing research on campus. I am especially proud of Naya because she is a first-generation American from a family who migrated from Nigeria. She is a great example not only for the African American community but especially for the young girls who, like her, aspire to become scientists, astronauts and engineers.”

Ty Johannes, the chair of TU’s Russell School of Chemical Engineering, added, “We are very proud of Naya. She is well deserving of this award from SWE. Naya works incredibly hard and she is an outstanding student in our program.”

As she looks toward her career after graduation, Okaro’s sights are set on the energy sector because of its breadth and versatility. She, notes, however, that her chemical engineering degree will also give her a solid footing in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other fields should she decide to pursue those routes.

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