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mamalian ciliogenesis

Fresh light on C. elegans development and mammalian ciliogenesis

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Jyoti Iyer

Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Jyoti Iyer’s lab recently published a paper in the Journal of Cell Science in collaboration with co-investigators at the Nebraska Medical Center. Their study, “The retromer complex regulates C. elegans development and mammalian ciliogenesis,” was also included as one of the journal’s “research highlights,” which underscores particularly significant discoveries.

In their paper, Jyoti and her colleagues identified new roles for the retromer complex protein VPS-26 in regulating vulval development and body size in the multicellular eukaryotic nematode C. elegans. The retromer complex is an evolutionarily conserved protein complex involved in endocytic trafficking.

black and white highly magnified image of two sections of a microscopic worm with the lettering vps-16 / KO beside
VPS knockout worms with vulval defects

“One of our key findings was that the retromer complex plays a critical role in regulating ciliogenesis – the process of cilia assembly – in mammalian cells,” remarked Iyer. “Understanding this process is important, because ciliogenesis defects can lead to a variety of diseases, such as Bardet-Biedl syndrome, Hydrolethalus syndrome and polycystic kidney disease.”

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