Students building weight machine for wheelchair users

Mechanical engineering seniors are wrapping up a weight machine project for the Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges that will assist wheelchair bound clients with their physical fitness goals. Designed and fabricated by students, the Accessible Bench Press Machine allows wheelchair users to safely lift weights.

mechanical engineering“Because there are a lot of different models of power wheel chairs, the height is adjustable on the bench press,” said team leader Austin Jester. “It’s a cable run system with a weight stack so they’re able to adjust the weight by moving a pin out of one weight and into another instead of having to pick up plates themselves.”

The team is in the final fabrication phase and will deliver the machine to the center in late April. Senior Omar Al-Refaei said he’s grateful for the opportunity to participate in this type of community project.

“They don’t know us, we don’t know them,” he said. “It’s just TU and the center working together to deliver this project for them, and it feels amazing.”

Team members include Aadil Al-Hosni, Hassan Al-Jumhur, Hade Al-Mestaner, Talal Al-Nasiri, Omar Al-Refaei, James Butler, Zachary Korb and Austin Jester.